3 Tools That Help You Create Interactive Training Videos

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Tools to create interactive training videosCreating interactive training videos is a great way to share your expertise and skills with a large audience, not to mention an ideal promotional tool with which to recruit new clients.

Yet when it comes to video creation, which tools are best? I’ve scouted three programs that are each ideal for making training videos, and also include additional functionality for other projects. Take a look at the list to decide which software is best for your needs.

  • Adobe Presenter: Currently in its 7th version, Adobe Presenter is a powerful program that creates on-demand presentations and eLearning complete with streaming audio, video and interactive tools. Using a PowerPoint presentation as the basis of your video content, you’ll morph the slides into a series of Flash-compatible content that can contain a number of features like narration, animation, interactivity, quizzes and software simulations. Adobe Presenter also comes with Adobe Connect, allowing you to create online training, live events, on-demand presentations and narrated educational courses. If you’re a fan of Adobe products, this is a no-brainer for your video and interactive needs.
  • ScateIgnite4: This is an ideal choice if you’re looking to create a full range of interactive multimedia that ranges from corporate training videos to podcasts. You can import PowerPoint presentations and audio files from which to build your content, or create a series of screen captures to include in your project. Once you’re finished with your content, Ignite can publish to a variety of platforms including mobile phones, iPods, iTunes U, Facebook, SCORM 1.2 or 2004, Learning Management System and more. The software boasts an impressive client list that includes Chrysler, Coca-Cola and Fanshawe College.
  • Microsoft Learning Content Development System: It’s hard to argue with free, and that’s the price you’ll pay for Microsoft’s LCDS tool. Create e-learning content as Silverlight-based online courses that can include a number of components like quizzes, games, animations and more. You’ll use a series of forms to input the elements you’d like to include, whether you want to create an e-learning course or a single interactive element that you can embed in a PowerPoint presentation or launch from your website. Although Microsoft LCDS works on both Macs and PCs, PC users may find this tool to be a better fit because of the supported file types. For example, only .SWF or .WMV video files are supported, which can make things a little tricky for Mac users. Microsoft’s LCDS certainly doesn’t provide the wide-ranging functionality that you’d get with Ignite or Adobe Presenter, but if you’re looking for a free tool that can help you get your interactive content library up and running, you can’t beat it.

Have you used any of the programs on the list to create interactive video content? If so, what are your thoughts? And if I missed your favorite tool, let me know!

  • James Carter

    Any thoughts on Camtasia? I’ve been using it for a couple of years. It’s OK, and (at the time) we got it for a decent price. The community forums are not bad. I’ve only used email support once or twice.

  • F Lepage

    Thanks! You answered to my questions!  Now I see an opened door for my project.

  • Saiko

    Al Boner!?!?!?